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Health & safety policy

Statement of intent

Ipeco Holdings Ltd is committed to operating a health and safety (H&S) management system that is based on internationally recognised standards. It promotes effective control through actively managing health and safety matters systematically within the context of the whole business.

It is my responsibility as the Chief Executive, to create an employee-orientated, high performance business culture that emphasises participation, quality, productivity, goal attainment and the development of a world class workforce performing to the very highest standards.

Fundamental to the development of such a business culture is the requirement that employees, contractors and visitors to lpeco Holdings Ltd are provided with safe and healthy working environments and undertake work activities that do not cause harm.

Under my leadership lpeco Holdings Ltd will prioritise the H&S requirements of the business above all other objectives and goals. My fellow Directors and Senior Management attach a similar level of priority to H&S issues and all of us will work to improve our own levels of competency and understanding.

The meeting of all relevant legislative requirements is the bare minimum expectation and I will endeavour to implement systems and practices to eliminate hazards and reduce H&S risks, so far as is reasonably practicable, following the hierarchy of control. As with all aspects of what we do here at Ipeco, I will promote and expect to see continuous improvement in health and safety performance.

Resources will be made available at all times to support our H&S management system and I will publish to the workforce a plan each year outlining targets for improvement.

I am committed to ensuring that employees are provided with relevant information, instruction and training in respect of H&S systems to ensure that they are provided with effective and competent supervision. Furthermore, I shall ensure we are committed to preventing injury and ill-health wherever possible.

It is recognised that within an organisation of over 800 people that any H&S management system can only be successful if there is participation across the whole workforce. Opportunities for employee consultation are an important aspect of our management system.

It is my expectation that every single employee works with me to create the high performance business culture I seek. As a minimum I expect everyone to take personal responsibility for working in a safe manner and for ensuring that, through their own acts or omissions, they do not do anything that could potentially jeopardise their own health and safety, or the well-being of others.

Steve Johnson
Chief Executive Officer

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