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Induction cooking platform

Induction cooking platform








With a variety of applications including pan, toaster and rice cooker – the Induction Cooking Platform (ICP) is the perfect tool for fresh cuisine on-board. The ICP allows for fast and simple in-flight cooking, enabling crew to prepare and serve outstanding dishes of the highest quality. The ICP also includes an integrated fume hood and odour filter system, eliminating cooking smells and delivering a first class solution to meet the expectations of your first class customers.

External dimensions: 269mm x 287mm x 570mm or 10.60 x 11.30 x 22.44 inches (ARINC size 4)

Empty weight: 14kg or 30.9lbs

Power supply: 115V AC 360-800Hz variable frequency 3 Phase (3 wire)

Maximum power consumption: 2500VA

Allowable load: 5kg or 11lbs

Interfaces: Electrical and mechanical interface compliant with ARINC 810

Application: STC on several platforms


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