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Ipeco operates a specialist Composites Division which has traditionally focussed on providing fully integrated solutions across Aerospace, Medical, Rail and Defence and Space markets. A dedicated design engineering team can deliver concept development and design for the manufacture and assembly of a range of intricate, lightweight, load-bearing, and high-performance products.

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Stronger and lighter solutions

The use of both metallic and advanced composite materials in an increasing number of Ipeco products enables the delivery of stronger and lighter solutions, as well as offering greater flexibility of use which has resulted in new, as well as replacement applications. Capabilities include traditional and vacuum moulding, 3 axis and 5 axis machining, autoclave curing and complex assemblies. Ipeco Composites’ Aerospace experience includes the manufacture of First, Business and Executive seating structures using advanced composite materials, which offer significant weight savings and a reduction in parts count at final assembly.  

All interior materials comply with the requirements of FAR 25.853 for fire, smoke and toxicity and the Division operates a Class 8 standard clean room environment for specific processes.  Utilising autoclave and oven moulding techniques allow the introduction of more fluid design concepts, making aesthetics a more integral part of the final design. Specific customer approvals include those from Airbus and AgustaWestland to manufacture flight structural components and assemblies.


We have significant experience in the design and manufacture of composite structures, including:

  • Medical products, where key prosthetics need to meet high load and high fatigue conditions and x-ray and scanner beds need to be defect and inclusion free.  
  • Within the Rail sector we have supplied a range of secondary internal and external structures such as antenna shrouds, passenger information pods, as well as camera housings and draught-screens.
  • Satellite technology in which the Division has operated with materials selected for temperature, integrity, and longevity considerations under such harsh conditions.

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