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Section 172(1) Statement 

The directors of the company meet bi-monthly to review key business decisions. Additional meetings are scheduled as required. The executive directors have daily contact with the senior management team to ensure operational matters are addressed speedily. When taking decisions, in particular with regard to investment opportunities in both assets and development activities, the directors consider the long term plans for the business.

The directors review the impacts of key decisions on all stakeholders of the business to ensure the interests of customers, suppliers, employees, and shareholders as well as the wider community are considered. The directors aim to treat all parties fairly in their dealings with them.

The investment in new premises provided the business with an opportunity to reduce the impacts of operational activities on the environment. It is also hoped that this investment will also provide more employment opportunities for the local community as activity in aviation continues to recover.

The business receives regular accolades from its business partners for exceptional service levels, adherence to delivery schedules and quality standards. All three are focal points for operational management and are reviewed weekly by the senior management team. The directors believe focus in these areas, combined with investment in its relationships with customers and suppliers, is the basis for the business’s reputation for high standards.

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