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3-mode fridge/freezer/chiller

The unique structure of the 3-mode refrigerator is made from composite materials, including a high performance foam which increases thermal insulation. All internal surfaces of the cabinet incorporate conduction cooling elements to ensure uniform temperature. Cooling of the refrigeration cabinet is achieved by way of a vapour-compression cycle using CFC-free refrigerant. The unit is designed for operation on a 115 V, 360-800Hz, 3-phase electrical supply.

Ipeco’s 3-mode refrigerator is easy for cabin crew to operate. The control module is intuitive and a range of pre-programmed temperatures are available including a boost cycle for rapid cooling. A clear indication of the refrigerator’s status is shown on a large display.

  • 3 Modes – refrigerate (+4°C), beverage chill (+8°C) and freeze (-18°C)
  • Empty cavity from: +24°C to +4°C in 5 minutes
  • Empty cavity from +24°C to -18°C in 15 minutes
  • Twelve (70cl) wine bottles from +21°C to +8°C in less than 60 minutes
  • Available with a solid or glass door
  • Control is intuitive with a range of programmes including a boost cycle for rapid cooling
  • Made from composite materials which includes a structural foam, for increased strength and insulation
  • First in its class to utilise both forced air and conduction cooling so that optimal performance is delivered in all circumstances

External dimensions:
563mm x 287mm x 570mm or 22.17 x 11.30 x 22.44 inches

Internal dimensions:
218.6mm x 345mm x 457mm or 8.60 x 13.58 x 18 inches, 11.9 litres

Empty weight:
25kg or 55.1lbs

12 upright wine bottles or 35 litres


Electrical and mechanical interface similar to ARINC 810

921 – A320, A330, A350, A380
928 – B737 MAX, B767, B777, B777X, B787








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