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Designed to meet the special requirements of washing dishes on board commercial aircraft. It can be installed using standard galley tracks and connects to the water, waste water and vacuum systems of the aircraft. To guarantee leakage protection even in the event of rapid decompression, the system has been modified, for example by being boxed in a case. The unit has been modified, qualified and certified to not leak even in the event of rapid decompression.

The dishwasher can be installed facing forward, aft or sideways and can be used on the ground or during flight with the exception of taxi, take-off and landing.

• On-board washing of dishes
• Short washing cycle
• Low water requirements
• EASA approval

Tech specs:
Cycle time 6 min. (20 min. for first wash)
Cleaning agents Rinsing/cleaning liquid
(40 cycles/fill)

Height 820 mm
Width 600 mm
Depth 604 mm

Empty 61.2 kg
Gross weight 98 kg

Electrical requirements
Max. power requirement: 4,500 VA
Power source: 115/200V, 360-800 hz
Three-phase voltage: 15A

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