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Pilot / Co-Pilot

We have designed an extensive range of pilot and co-pilot seats, for commercial, business and military aircraft, which have been developed around ergonomic principles to provide comfort for flight crew, particularly during long-haul flights. 

Our pilot and co-pilot seats feature electrically powered or manually adjustable vertical and horizontal positioning, both of which offer exceptional reliability, quality of movement and ease of use. The application of medical research and anthropomorphic data has led to the incorporation of fully contoured pan and back cushions and a full range of adjustment features. Typical adjustments include thigh angle, horizontal and vertical lumbar, headrest rotation, armrest angle and recline angle. Our unique full upper seat tilt feature provides a true resting position accommodating a wide variation of occupant sizes.

Working closely with our customers, each model is developed to incorporate requirements specific to the installation and environment. Aesthetics such as colour, design, branding and trim can all be tailored to meet the stringent demands of both airline operators and private owners.

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Here is a selection of pilot / co-pilot seats.

The 318 model is fitted to the PC-24.

The 256 model is fitted to the C295 FWSAR.

The 482 model is fitted to the Boeing 777-9.

The 380 model is fitted to the Boeing 787 Dreamliner.

The 296 model is fitted to the Boeing 737.

The 469 model is fitted to the Embraer E2.

The 449 model is fitted to the Gulfstream G500 / G600.

The 424 model is fitted to the Hondajet HA-420.

The 326 model is fitted to the Boeing C-17.

The 272 model is fitted to the Lockheed Martin C-130.

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