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The Ipeco range of electrical galley inserts combines superior technological innovation and robust performance with easy-to-use features, improving food service and safety for airlines and operators worldwide. Lightweight and reliable, our aim is to ensure that cabin crew have equipment they trust to deliver perfect results. Power efficiency combined with precision settings ensures in-flight delivery service excellence on every flight.

Aircraft crew seating

We understand the needs of the crew and have established a repuation for creating comfort in confined spaces, with high specification materials to deliver robust quality. In fact, we have supplied crew seats for all Boeing commercial aircraft platforms since 1985.

Our engineering team has a wealth of experience in developing technically advanced seating, that delivers proven ergonomic benefits for the reduction of fatigue on the longest of flights or operational duty cycles. Whether electrically powered or manually operated, our crew seats are recognised for their quality, reliability, comfort and overall performance.

All seats are designed and extensively tested to meet the required certification standards for structural performance and occupant injury protection, in compliance with EASA and FAA requirements, for both Part 25 and Part 23 applications.

We have designed an extensive range of pilot and co-pilot seats, for commercial, business and military aircraft, which have been developed around ergonomic principles to provide comfort for flight crew, particularly during long-haul flights. 

Pilot / Co-Pilot

Using our expertise in pilot and co-pilot seat design, our operator seats feature fully contoured pan and back cushions to enhance the comfort of the occupant, particularly during long missions.  A range of adjustments is available to meet the requirements of specific applications, such as horizontal and vertical movement; rotation; thigh angle; horizontal and vertical lumbar; headrest rotation; armrest angle, and recline angle.  We have many years of experience in designing and qualifying seats to meet stringent military requirements. Typical applications include military transport and maritime reconnaissance patrol aircraft.


From the smallest to the largest platform, we create bespoke observer seat designs to perfectly suit the environment and the individual needs of the occupant.  Typically required to fit within a limited envelope to deploy and stow after use, the seats are nevertheless designed with comfort in mind.


We have developed a range of lightweight flight attendant seats featuring angled backrests to provide enhanced comfort for the occupant. We provide styling solutions which are adaptable to suit individual customer requirements and offer harmonisation with numerous interior cabin styles. Options are available to accommodate a variety of attachment methods, locations and orientations within the aircraft, including sliding mechanisms for seat stowage.

Cabin attendant

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Executive jet passenger seating

Attention to detail, quality manufacture and first-class materials epitomise an Ipeco executive jet passenger seat. Our commitment to outstanding reliability and exceptional craftsmanship ensures our seats and divans complement aircraft interiors of the highest calibre. All executive jet passenger seating is certified for structural performance and occupant injury protection in compliance with the regulatory requirements.

Our installations include Bombardier and Textron platforms.

With passenger comfort at the core, and the flexibility to accommodate relaxation, working, sleeping and dining, our seat designs focus on occupant comfort throughout all phases of the flight.


Our customers expect the very best in terms of on-board luxury and high performance. Ergonomic principles are employed to properly support the passenger, whether in business or relaxation mode, or during take-off and landing. Easily adjustable mechanisms allow smooth transitions between seat orientations including full berthing, rotation, lateral and longitudinal movement as well as adjustable headrest, leg rest and armrest.




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Electrical galley inserts

The Ipeco range of electrical galley inserts for new and retrofit installations, available in both ATLAS and ARINC standards, combines technological innovation and robust performance with easy-to-use features, improving food service for airlines and operators worldwide. Lightweight and reliable, our aim is to ensure that cabin crew have equipment they trust to deliver perfect results.

Introducing the new Saros range

Streamlined design, optimised weight and high-performance materials. The future of electrical galley inserts has never looked so good and we are delighted to introduce our new Saros range.

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Centres of Excellence

Our extensive design, development and manufacturing capabilities are impressive and encompass a wide range of structural, dynamic and specialist testing facilities as well as comprehensive component fabrication, assembly and maintenance technologies.

Ipeco power supplies are currently in service within demanding military applications worldwide. Operating in challenging situations and harsh environments, our products are relied upon to provide power to a range of mobile, communication, situational awareness and defence systems. Ipeco power supplies are embedded in systems for fixed and rotary wing aircraft and a range of land and sea-based platforms.


Ipeco operates a specialist Composites Division which has traditionally focussed on providing fully integrated solutions across Aerospace, Medical, Rail and Defence and Space markets. A dedicated design engineering team can deliver concept development and design for the manufacture and assembly of a range of intricate, lightweight, load-bearing, and high-performance products.


Ipeco operates world class manufacturing facilities and one of the most comprehensive salt bath brazing facilities in Europe. With more than 30 years of experience Ipeco offers cost-efficient and lightweight alternatives to complex castings, welded fabrications and heavy machined components. High integrity products manufactured by the salt bath brazing method offer continuous impermeable joints for EMI and RFI shielded applications. Products include cold walls, chassis, antennae, heat exchangers, wave guides, plenums and ducts.

Precision engineering

hs2 engineering provides a range of niche development services across our product portfolio.  Primarily engaged in electrical galley insert and professional gastronomy markets, the hs2 team has wide-ranging experience in delivering dishwasher, induction cooktop, oven and microwave technology applications. 

hs2 engineering

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